What is Your Discipleship Bible Study

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Are you currently in a discipleship relationship with Jesus? Are you following him in spirit and in truth? If you are not, it is important to start disciplining yourself to walk in the light, in love, and with integrity. This article will give you some basic advice to help you get started on your personal growth journey in the discipleship with Jesus.

An Overview

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Discipleship means walking in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. You are learning about what it means to follow the Lord and being a good person in all walks of life. Jesus taught us that the kingdom of God is within us and that we need to go out and make disciples of all men. He wants you to go out and preach the gospel and share the Good News with all people.

This may seem like quite a lot of work but you must remember that the Kingdom of God is bigger than you can ever imagine. It is filled with people who want to be saved so you have to get to know them and talk to them. The next time you are having a discussion with someone, remember that you are living in the Kingdom of God and that Jesus is looking down on you and wants you to progress. If you just try to be nice, you will never advance because that is not how Jesus operates.

Detailed Info

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Discipleship does not mean you have to be perfect. If you are trying to be perfect you will not go anywhere but you might end up getting discouraged. Jesus warned us to be careful not to develop the desire for power in our lives because that is what causes many people to stumble when Jesus comes along and talks to them. Jesus said that to develop this desire you must first love your enemies.

Jesus gave us an example when he went out among the people and talked to them about finding eternal life. He told them to seek out His righteousness so that they may receive his mercy and find eternal life with Him. That sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? And yet many people forget or misunderstand what Jesus told them.

So, if you are someone who wants to develop the virtue of kindness then Jesus told you to seek out his kindness. If you are someone who wants to develop personal development skills then you have to figure out how to share those skills with others. Jesus taught that by sharing our gifts and talents with others we will not only receive a great blessing but also start on the road to eternal life.

Main Components

A good Christian personal development plan has three primary components. You need to decide what your personal development goals are, identify what steps you are going to take to reach those goals, and you need to take the time to pray and to ask for God’s wisdom and protection. Without these things you do not have a personal development plan.


Many Christians think that you can just sit down and put together a good personal development plan on your own. I am here to tell you that is not true! Having a good plan in place is great and will help you achieve your goals but it takes prayer and encouragement from the Holy Spirit to get you through the tough times and get to where you want to go. Remember that as a child of God, you were meant to share His glory with others. Show others the grace of Christ and you will be blessed.

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