What Is Social Anxiety Disorder And How To Overcome It?

What Is Social Anxiety Disorder And How To Overcome It?

Many people tend to get nervous on occasions that are not a part of their daily routine. Interviewing for a job is the best example of it. But a social anxiety disorder is much more than that. It is an intense fear of certain social situations when people know they will be judged by others. This fear is so frightening that people go to great lengths to avoid it. As a result, they end up throwing their life process in a disarray. People may also think that they are the only ones suffering from social anxiety disorder, but the world has more stories to tell.

What Is Social Phobia?

Social anxiety disorder is the fear of being scrutinized by other people or of being embarrassed in public. Generally, in these cases, the thing that people are the most afraid of is being compared to other people. They tend to think that they are lesser than others and that it is better to avoid any such situation. This kind of thought makes a person irrational. People suffering from this disorder are so overblown by their fears that they can’t help but feel anxious.

What Is Social Anxiety Disorder And How To Overcome It?
What Is Social Anxiety Disorder And How To Overcome It?

What Are The Causes Of Social Anxiety?

Some people feel anxious about almost all social occasions. On the other hand, there are people who feel the butterflies on specific occasions. As a result, the situations that trigger this anxiety are different.

Some common social anxiety triggers are:

  • Public speaking
  • Being called out from among a group
  • Being the center of attraction
  • Going out on a date
  • Meeting new people or making small talk
  • Performing on stage or speaking in a meeting

What Are The Symptoms Of Social Anxiety Disorder?

Just because you get nervous on social occasions, it does not mean that you are suffering from a social anxiety disorder. This disorder generally interferes with a person’s way of living and causes tremendous turbulence in their functioning. It is absolutely normal to get jitters while being interviewed. But if you are socially anxious, it will be very much understandable by your outlook.

The emotional symptoms include:

  • Worrying about an upcoming social event from months before its date
  • A gnawing fear of being judged by unknown people
  • Being frightened that you will somehow embarrass yourself
  • Fear that others will notice that you are nervous

The physical symptoms include:

  • Redness of face
  • Excessive sweating or hot flashes
  • A shaky voice and trembling hands
  • Nausea and shortness of breath
What Is Social Anxiety Disorder And How To Overcome It?
What Is Social Anxiety Disorder And How To Overcome It?

The behavioral symptoms are:

  • Staying in the shadow to avoid being noticed
  • Taking a friend along wherever you go
  • Avoiding social situations
  • Drinking before the occasion to soothe your nerves

How To Overcome Your Social Anxiousness?

  1. Shut your negative thoughts – Don’t let the negative thoughts in your head overcome your confidence. Keep on challenging yourself. You will end up overcoming your fears.
  2. Do not compare yourself to others – Comparing yourself to others is a very bad habit. While doing this we demoralize ourselves and in turn give other people the chance to look down upon us. Start believing in yourself and you will automatically be better than others.
  3. Face your fears – The more you let your fears grow, the more they get to you. Go out and mingle with people. You will realize that the world is a beautiful place and that talking with people helps you feel better. This way you can get back your social confidence.
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