What Is Karma And How Does It Show Itself?


Many people often use the word, ‘karma’, without having any knowledge about how profound it is. Whenever something bad happens, people tend to dismiss the incident by saying. “It’s my karma.” But karma is not just the reaction to people’s actions. In fact, using this term suggests the person’s lack of taking responsibility. In this article, you will find out what is karma and how it works.

What Is Karma?

Christianity defines a ‘sin’ as deliberately doing something while being fully aware of its results. Thus, you are actively disobeying God. In the end, no one but that person is responsible for the deed. Karma is thus, one taking up the responsibilty of his actions. It is not good or bad fortune as people generally suggest through their words. Rather, it is the responsibility of the results of our actions.

The deeper knowledge of karma depends on one’s spiritual identity. Our souls are spiritually accountable for our creations, promotions, and allowances. We are in a constant process of relieving ourselves of the karmic debts of our creations. Karma is a spiritual process that we carry on throughout our lifetime. Some people even believe that a person continues its karma even after death and carries it to his next life. This way we come to know ourselves and enter into the consciousness of God.

What Is Karma And How Does It Show Itself?
What Is Karma And How Does It Show Itself?

What Are Karmic Debts?

According to karma, no one but us is held responsible for our actions. What matters more is the intentions of our actions. When someone deliberately does deeds against God’s intentions, karmic debt is accrued. More than the action itself, it is the intent of one’s deed that accrues karmic debts. Thus it is rightfully said, “Be not deceived; God is not mocked; for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

The type and quality of the products a man gets depend on the type and quality of seed he had sown. This is valid in both cases – spiritual and physical. As souls, we always get back what we have done. If we have karmic debts, life will teach us the same lesson until we learn the value of the lesson. It may also be so, that if we do not learn the value within one lifetime, it goes on with us when we re-embody to another lifetime. Until we have learned the lesson, our spirits hold their patience.

What Is Karma And How Does It Show Itself?
What Is Karma And How Does It Show Itself?

When karma presents itself in our life, we are given an opportunity to reap our harvest. It is our opportunity to make better choices than the past ones. God gives us a chance to change what occurred in the accrual of karmic debts in the first place. It is not only the opportunity to correct our mistakes, but it is also the opportunity to learn a lesson for a lifetime.

Our ultimate goal shouldn’t be to erase karma from our lives. It should instead be to learn the lessons life teaches us and not repeat it further.

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