What Is A Personal Creativity Growth Plan

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Creativity is one such word that everyone wants. People nowadays want to be different from others, and they think that they should be creative to become so. However, people are confused between creativity and being different. Creativity is not something you can achieve in few days. Just take the example of Isaac Newton, the story of a falling apple and discovery of gravity is a sign of creativity. Still, people do not know it took him several years to know about gravity. All this example needs to tell is, do not rush behind creativity, explore things and learn, then creativity will come behind you. Therefore, let us check out Your creativity growth plan; read out this article to know more about it.

Time For Personal Creativity Growth Plan

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First of all, you should not compare your creativity with others. According to various research and experiments, it has been found that the level of creativity differs from person to person. Moreover, genes play an essential role in the level of creativity people possess within themselves. This means it is quite possible if your mom and dad are less creative, you can also be, and if they are creative, then you can also be creative. However, every person has some different skill, on which they have to work. Creativity is a skill, which people should work upon and make it their personality trait. If you think about how much time it will take, even the time differs from person to person, all you need to do is hard work and have patience.

Intelligent People Are Creative


We are living in a planet where people can assume anything and make it a stereotype. For example, people have a perception that if someone is intelligent, he must be creative, which is not valid. Creativity comes within your interest and hard work, and intelligence is learning something which everyone knows. So it does not matter, and if you are a genius and or an ordinary person, this does not affect your level of creativity; all that matters is your interest and hard work in a particular thing that brings imagination to it.

Relation Between Creativity And Growth

Growth means growing in any particular thing in the form of skill, talent, or anything. On the other creativity means to think or do something which other people may not have considered. If you become creative, then you have personal growth. As you know, creativity comes from exploring things, gaining experience, which subsequently makes you grow. So when you think your talent is an aspect of growth, you can achieve a lot of creativity; on the other hand, you may not become that creative if you have a fixed aim.

Summing Up

At last, do not run behind being different; give yourself time, and think creatively. Please make sure you find hope in something, as it will help you achieve personal growth. Make sure you do not indulge in something which will affect your growth and creativity; stay happy and focused.

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