Understand The Symptoms Of Depression And Stay Safe

Understand The Symptoms Of Depression And Stay Safe

Once in a lifetime, everyone goes through a period of grief and deep sadness. These feelings mainly fade away with the time that generally takes 1-2 weeks depending on the situation. But in some cases, sadness lasts for more than two weeks and also affects your ability to work and think that later results in depression. There are various types of depression; some are due to any event in your life while some are due to chemical changes in your mind. No matter whatever the cause, the first step should be to visit a doctor and tell him about the symptoms of depression that you are going through.

Understand The Symptoms Of Depression And Stay Safe
Understand The Symptoms Of Depression And Stay Safe

Types Of Depression

Major Depression 

It is also known as classic depression, major depressive order and unipolar depression. According to the research, it is the most common depression found mainly in adults. People suffering from major depression mainly experience its affect in the day time. In this, the person doesn’t have any sense of what is happening around him and his mental health gets affected. 


  • Grief, gloom, and despondency 
  • Lack of energy and fatigue 
  • Overeating and loss of appetite
  • Constant anxiety and worry 
  • Self-harm, suicide, and thoughts of death and many more 

These are symptoms of major depressive disorder that can last for a week or in some cases even for months. A person might have a single episode of such depression while some of them experience it for their lifetime. As long as these symptoms last, they may cause problems in your daily activities as well as In Your Relationship. 

Persistent Depression

It is also known as dysthymia or chronic disorder that can last up to two or more years. It will strain your relationship and make your daily activities difficult. 

Major Symptoms

  • Hopelessness and deep sadness 
  • Inadequacy feelings and low self-esteem
  • Appetite changes 
  • Low energy and change in sleeping pattern 
  • Social withdrawal

It is the long-term depression, so the seriousness of symptoms may become less effective for a month before getting worse. Some people may also experience episodes of major depression while are they suffer from persistent depression, which is known as double depression. It lasts for more than a year so the person gets used to it and feels like it is a part of their life. 

Bipolar Disorder Or Manic Depression 

This depression includes the period of hypomania or mania, in which the person feels very happy at the same time suffers from episodes of depression. There are various symptoms of depression that can be analyzed to know whether you are suffering from manic depression or not. 


  • High energy 
  • Irritability
  • Speech and racing thoughts 
  • Grandiose thinking 
  • Self-destructive, risky and unusual behavior
Understand The Symptoms Of Depression And Stay Safe
Understand The Symptoms Of Depression And Stay Safe

In some cases, episodes may include hallucinations and delusions. As well hypomania is a less dangerous form of mania. A person may also have mixed episodes in which he suffers from both mania and depression. 

Depressive Psychosis And Symptoms Of Depression

In this type of depression, a person may lose touch from reality. This condition is known as psychosis that includes delusions and hallucinations. Experiencing both the symptoms of depression together is called a major depressive disorder. Condition of hallucination occurs when you see, hear, smell, feel or taste. Some people experience the voice or see the person who is not present at a particular place.    

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