Top Rated Personal Growth Books That Can Help You Do Better

top rated personal growth books

If you want to be the best possible version of yourself, you should have a habit of reading books. Because someone has taken the most powerful ideas that they have researched, studied, or used in their own lives and often spent years and years putting it into an organized form to help you acknowledge those lessons. Often, there is not a lot of quality, and it is hard to find the right books for you. So it can be overwhelming for you. If you are somebody who never used to read, it can be even harder for you. Discussed below are kinds of top rated personal growth books that can help you along your journey.

Top Rated Personal Growth Books About Gratitude

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It would help if you always were grateful for anything you have. People who spend more time experiencing gratitude seem to spend less time experiencing aches, pain, and stress. Being thankful for what you have can make you feel more optimistic and experience less anger, envy, and regret. It also results in increased self-esteem and confidence, which helps to improve mood. Gratitude helps to diminish the likelihood of developing post-traumatic stress disorder after an upsetting or traumatic incident. People who practice gratitude right before sleeping, by thinking about those things you feel grateful for, help you sleep better. If you study top rated personal growth books that involve these topics, it will boost your mental abilities.

Books About Knowing Your Self Worth

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There will always be someone who makes more money, has a better body, wears better clothes, etc. It would help if you did not focus on what other people have but rather what makes you unique and important. If you compare yourself to others, it can easily make you feel insufficient, as if you are “not good enough”. Get that thought out of your mind and start looking at the positive traits that you own. Help other people; it is an amazing way to build your self-worth because it makes you realize how valuable your help is to others. Participate in different activities. This may be something as simple as volunteering at animal care once a month or maybe visiting a nursing home. Top rated personal growth books with topics like these are must to have.

Top Rated Personal Growth Books About Keeping A Positive Attitude

A positive attitude helps you deal with daily routine more easily. It brings optimism into your day to day activities and makes it easier for you to avoid worries and negative thoughts. If you adopt it as a way of life, it will make you look at things differently and in a better way, and makes you happier, brighter, lighter, and more successful. Have top rated personal growth books with such topics, and you will notice a shift in your attitude.


There are so many books out there for mindfulness. Anybody can publish a self-improvement book, and too many people do. So you end up with this thing where the bar for entry is very low, but the bar for quality is high. You might end up reading a book that is misinformed or misled. But if you have researched top rated personal growth books, chances of errors are less.

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