Top Books for Personal Growth by Mark Victor Hansen

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There is a lot of different top books for personal growth out there. Yet only a few are truly stand out choices that are capable of changing the way you view your life. What are these books? Which ones will you be able to recommend to your friends and family? Here is a list of just a few of the best.

Doorway To Your Unknown Country 

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Theodor Adorno, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, and the Doorway to Your Unknown Country by Norman Vincent Peale – Book One – This collection contains the very first book in the series. It is a classic work on positive thinking and the power of the subconscious. This book is probably the first of the top books for personal growth that really took off and achieved huge popularity.

The Power Of Positive Thinking By Dr. Norman Vincent Peale – Book Two 

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 This second book in the series really expands on the first book in that it takes positive thinking to an entirely new level. This time around, Dr. Vincent Peale talks about how your emotions can literally drive you crazy. He gives a whole new meaning to anger management, relationships, and life in general. The Doorway to Your Unknown Country by Norman Vincent Peale – Book Three – This third book in the series continues on with the same positive thinking ideas that were covered in the first two books.

The Mystery Of Money By Dr. Nicholas Carr – Book Four 

This fourth book in the series looks into the mystery of what really causes money to make people happy. In this one, Dr. Nicholas Carr again looks at how money has the ability to bring happiness, but also has the potential to bring unhappiness as well. His unique theories are not accepted by most, but his explanations of how it works are truly unique. Think You Are Interesting by Dr. Nicholas Carr – Book Five – This fifth book in the Top Books For Personal Growth series looks at how we as individuals use our imagination.

The Fourth Key By Dr. Michael J. Gerber – Book Six 

 This sixth book in the series looks at the power of positive thinking. This time, Dr. Gerber turns his attention inward instead of outward. This book is the ultimate guide for those who wish to overcome their fears and negative thoughts that keep them from reaching their goals. It is available as a free download over at Angie’s list. I highly recommend this as a resource for anyone wanting to become a stronger person, or even reach a higher consciousness level.

A Time To Break Free By Norman Vincent Peale – Book Seven

This seventh book in the Top Books For Personal Growth series looks deeper into the core of this life-changing secret. Dr. Vincent Peale once again turns his attention inward, as in the previous books, and uncovers the deeper secrets of how we as humans create meaning out of our daily experiences. This time, he also shares with us how we can use this knowledge to create meaningful connections to others and thus create a life that is truly purposeful and free from suffering. Available as a free download over at Angie’s list, this is another fantastic read.

Summing Up

What I enjoyed most about these eight books in the series is that they all offer excellent value for the money that you are spending on them. They do not cost an arm and a leg to get into, and while there is some repetitive material in some of them, such as the “Twelve Principles,” they are all well paced and engaging. Best of all, they are all well written, extremely informative, and in some cases are quite humorous. If you want to read some unique and helpful books on how you can apply positive thinking to your life, then Kiyosaki and Co. have just the books for you!

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