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Top 5 Tips To Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

Top 5 Tips To Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

Public speaking is the process of reaching out in-person to a large group of audience. Schools, workplaces and even one’s personal lives are the commonplaces of public speaking. Although public speaking is an important aspect of one’s life, many people are jittery about it.

Here are ten tips to improve your public speaking skills to attract the audience.

1. It’s Okay To Be Nervous, Practice Will Make You Perfect

All people feel anxious while going up on a stage. But that does not mean you are not prepared. It is very common and usual to get sweaty palms before appearing before an audience. Consider the adrenaline rush as an indication of a great performance. The best way to overcome this nervousness is to prepare and practice. The more prepared you are, the better your performance will be.

Top 5 Tips To Improve Your Public Speaking Skills
Top 5 Tips To Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

2. Have A Proper Outlook About Your Audience Before Any Public Speaking

When you are speaking on a public platform, it is important to remember that you are speaking for them and not for yourself. If you are unable to connect with the audience through your speech, all your efforts will automatically go in vain. Knowing your audience will help you with word selection, organizational pattern and way of motivation.

3. Use Cue Cards To Deliver The Speech

When speaking in front of an audience, one of the worst things you can do is read from a script. So if you have a bad memory and want to avoid any blunder, use cue cards. Write down the main points in the cue card so you don’t miss out on anything. This will help you put your point in front of the audience and save you from a blunder.

4. During Public Speaking Be Yourself To Connect Better

While delivering a speech, remember to be yourself and allow your personality to express itself. Do not be a nervous wreck on the stage and let the audience see your real self. Try to communicate with your gestures besides your words. This way the audience can try to trust you and your words. Good speech delivery will help to convey your ideas clearly to the common people.

Top 5 Tips To Improve Your Public Speaking Skills
Top 5 Tips To Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

5. Make An Impression At The Beginning And Leave A Mark At The End

Do you enjoy a speech when the speaker starts with “Today I am going to talk about XYZ”? If you don’t enjoy that then there is a chance that most people won’t either. Start your speech in a startling way so that you have the audience’s attention right from the beginning. This way, people will actually hear your speech and you will be able to connect better with them. Also, do not end your speech in a mishandled manner. Try to connect the dots from the beginning to the end to make an impression. It will not only improve your speech, but people will be eager to hear you the next time you are on a public platform.

Amongst all these things, it is important to know that a good speech does not necessarily have to be perfect. People do not seek perfection on stage, they search for reality. One can always improve themselves with practice and deliver a better speech. You may not be able to entirely calm your nerves but can learn to control them.

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