Self-Improvement: Know Its Important And Popular Forms

Self-Improvement: Know Its Important And Popular Forms

Although they have been around for many centuries, the basic concept of self-improvement has only recently come to the forefront of our public life. The basic idea is that we all have it within us. But is this idea as popular as some of the other forms of self-improvement that are becoming more popular? Let’s look at some of the more popular forms of self-improvement.

One of the earliest forms of self-improvement that has become more widely accepted is public speaking. As society has changed and so as our attitudes towards what and how we communicate, we expect public speakers to be strong and confident in front of an audience. Most of us are shy and it takes a lot of courage to come forward and speak in public. Many of us even try to avoid speaking in public and one of the effects of this reluctance is to have people who could do better speaking in public.

Different Forms

It may not be very surprising to discover that public speaking is a form of self-improvement and personal growth. In fact, the French and Germans may well be right in their use of the term ‘un menschlichkeit’ meaning ‘another man’s faults.’ There are many methods of improving public speaking, but the simplest is to get better at listening and empathizing with the audience.

Self-Improvement: Know Its Important And Popular Forms
Self-Improvement: Know Its Important And Popular Forms

In addition, public speaking is a method of acquiring self-improvement. The desire to improve in any area of life can cause us to take up some forms of it. At first, the use of public speaking will seem to bring no benefit.

But once you have developed a certain amount of confidence in your ability to communicate and gain the experience of working in a group you will find that you enjoy the ability to communicate better and to use the skills that you have gained in public speaking. The enjoyment of the experience will increase the confidence level and you will gain more self-improvement.

Know More

Of course, most people prefer to talk about their achievements in public speaking rather than talking about the processes that they have used. The improvements made will be greater than the improvements they would make if they had talked about their weaknesses.

Another form is considered to be associated with the art of handwriting. We probably all have experienced the joy of a piece of letter writing. It is hard to write a sentence without using the letters of the alphabet, but it is fun to do and the written word makes us think better.

Self-Improvement: Know Its Important And Popular Forms
Self-Improvement: Know Its Important And Popular Forms

This technique can be applied to a range of areas of our lives. Perhaps the way we handle ourselves is a part of it. Though perhaps we would not want to turn it into a mass movement. Even so, apply this term to anything that we can do better.

Other Factors To Know

Like writing, it is a skill that we are likely to use often and to improve over time. The application of the ‘self-improvement’ theory means that we need to try to improve our personal hygiene. Also, to be better at doing it.

Perhaps the most popular of all personal improvement techniques is what is known as self-hypnosis. This is the use of conscious thought to achieve a trance-like state in which to improve our thinking. In this state of trance-like state, we become aware of the changes we want to make in our life.

Perhaps we will be better known as the ‘self-improvement cult or club’. As we develop our beliefs and develop our sense of self-improvement, we will probably become ever more popular in our niche. But as a mass movement, this might appear counter-productive to the purpose of it.

Bottom Line

For those who find public speaking to be frustrating, we might just be tempted to say, “What? We are looking for self-improvement here and there is not much of it in that word.”