Self Awareness Helps You In Lot Of Ways

Improve Self Development

Self-awareness is crucial in achieving positive outcomes in life. Self-awareness helps and is critical for shaping a coherent, cohesive, and self-reinforcing personality. Thus, self-awareness is the first step in developing an objective personality. But what level of self-awareness are we talking about?

Well, it’s not enough to be aware of your own emotions or attitudes if you are not consciously aware of yourself, which at least two self-awareness levels are involved. According to psychotherapist and author Christopher Janoff-Bulman, in The Science of Self-Awareness, “When people recognize that they are running their lives as if they were playing a game, there is a serious breakdown of self-awareness.” Self-awareness includes looking in the mirror and observing your facial expressions and body language, which reflect how you feel.

Self Awareness Has Different Levels

The Self-Awareness Levels. Each level of self-awareness has different elements to it. There is a starting level of self-awareness, then a moving or ascending level of self-awareness, then a goal-oriented level of self-awareness. If you start at a lower level, you will observe your first few reactions, such as the tension and anxiety you may feel when having a conversation. If you feel that you are not fully aware of yourself, it can lead to feelings of being unreal or unrealistically afraid of having to communicate or answer questions about yourself.

Self Awareness Helps You In Lot Of Ways
Self Awareness Helps You In Lot Of Ways

Level One Self-Awareness is about “what?” It’s about the contents of your mind. This is the basic awareness that comes from observing the facial expressions of yourself. It is also about the “who” of the individual. Level One Self-Awareness is not about perception but about knowing yourself and being able to identify the information you are using in order to make sense of the world.

Level Two Self-Awareness is about being able to ask questions. You will gain new insights into yourself by asking questions and figuring out who you are by asking questions. Level Two Self-Awareness is about purpose and meaning. It is about how you think about yourself and where you are going in life. These are personal “where-with” questions. You will look at yourself in a different way from level one.

Self Awareness Is All About Action

Level Three Self-Awareness is about action. You begin to be more active in the world. You want to use new ways of knowing about yourself and being able to get things done. This is the step where you begin to change your world. You begin to change the situation and the environment in which you are involved. By asking your questions, you begin to become more self-aware and to find answers for yourself.

Self Awareness Helps You In Lot Of Ways
Self Awareness Helps You In Lot Of Ways

And then comes the highest level of self-awareness, the Goal-Oriented Level of Self-Awareness. This level of self-awareness takes you further away from yourself by taking you closer to another person or to the goal of what you are striving for. This level of self-awareness is about seeing beyond the self and looking at the world through a different lens or perspective.

But how do you know that you are on the right path of self-awareness? How do you know that you are at the right level of self-awareness? Well, a psychologist says, you can “feel it” in your heart. You can “feel it” in your gut.

Feeling it is a personal experience that varies from person to person. For some, they can feel it in their heart while for others, they can feel it in their gut. The key to understanding self-awareness levels is, understand what is causing the feeling, and ask yourself, “What kind of response am I getting from my gut? Am I responding to my gut in a positive way?” When your gut is telling you to stop something that could be good for you, and your heart is responding with excitement, your gut will know that it is “up” and you will know that you are on the right path of self-awareness.


Feeling it in your gut is your mind giving you advice. And the best thing to do is listen to your gut, even if it makes you feel uncomfortable. because your gut will not only tell you about things that it does not agree with; it will also give you the information that is relevant to you. and will help you take your journey of self-awareness to a new level.