1 Percent Better Every Day: Steps To Continuous Improvement

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Read gradual and doable steps to making improvements on yourself towards your goals in life
Discover the way of Kaizen, the Japanese methods for making constant positive changes every day
Learn how to use Kaizen to improve different aspects of your life

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1 Percent Better Every Day: Continuous Improvement One Step At A Time

Continuous improvement in your life aspects is always the key. There will come a time in one’s life the desire to make things right. No matter the reason, be it for oneself or for others, one should understand that it’s not an overnight thing. That would depend on the innate desire to make the necessary changes to be better. Would you like to lose weight and be fitter and healthier? Perhaps be more productive at home by getting all those chores done? You may want to start a healthy routine of connecting with old relationships.

The thing is, many will give up in the middle even before doing everything that needs to be done. It could be because of the wrong approach or the wrong reasons for wanting to make the change. When you don’t have a plan, nor the full heart to make the life changes you want, it’s as good as a fail. For others, they don’t know where to begin. But, if you want a self-development program that will guide you to gradual but effective ways to make positive changes, here it is.

The Core of Kaizen

This book will introduce you to the Japanese way of Kaizen. The word itself means, ‘continuous improvement’. Making changes to be better has never been easy. That’s why this book will give you valuable insights and little steps to make on daily. Psychologically, people are drawn to what seems easy and doable. It’s because it doesn’t take too much time and effort to do. There’s no pressure but it means to inspire and encourage with realistic ways. Finally, you’ll find that Kaizen applies to many different aspects of your life.

Discover the key habits that make people successful. Read portions on how to improve your finances, health and fitness, effective time management, and more. One will soon realize that Kaizen not only improves your habits but also your belief system. A positive change of the heart may stay with you forever and carry you through a lifetime of blessings.


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