Personal Growth Plan Review

personal growth plan john maxwell

In his book, Personal Growth Plan: An Insight Into How to Unleash Your Potential and Make Life Happier, John Maxwell presents a systematic, structured approach to achieving personal development. His approach is both practical and inspirational.

A good example of the practical aspects of personal development is in chapter two. He offers practical suggestions for setting goals, taking action toward those goals, and maintaining motivation in achieving those goals. I especially liked the way he summed up his advice: “If you’re going to build a house, you don’t start by picking the most beautiful piece of land.” He also makes a strong case for setting reasonable, achievable goals that you can meet with patience and persistence.

Another example of John Maxwell’s practical advice is in chapter four. His chapters focus on how to succeed in relationships. He provides great advice for keeping your emotions under control, creating and maintaining positive relationships, staying positive, and working on relationships outside of work. I particularly enjoyed the chapter that discusses how to keep a positive attitude about work, even when it isn’t going well. This chapter helps people stay focused and motivated throughout their work lives.

Planning and budgeting are key to financial success.

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Chapter five of the Personal Growth Plan covers personal finance. In this chapter, Maxwell emphasizes that planning and budgeting are key to financial success.

Chapter six, which is entitled “Personal Freedom”, is also extremely helpful in developing personal freedom. Here, Maxwell teaches us about how to become our own best advocate for ourselves, how to overcome fear, and how to stay grounded and focused.

The final chapter of the Personal Growth Plan provides a variety of inspiring examples. Here, Maxwell shares examples of people who have successfully overcome obstacles and achieved personal growth.

Strengths and weaknesses

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Like any book, Personal Growth Plan has some strengths and weaknesses. Maxwell offers valuable insight into his own experiences with personal development. As a former counselor, I found his tips of how to achieve personal success were practical and applicable to my own situation. I also appreciated the simple message that success in life comes from working hard.

Overall, Personal Growth Plan is an excellent book that can serve as a guide to helping us succeed in our lives. It’s also a great read for those who are just beginning to take action toward personal development.

However, like most books, this book does have its flaws. One problem that may hinder one’s progress towards success is lack of effective guidance. This book offers a lot of great advice, but as stated above, some of the advice is lacking.

Absence of concrete steps to follow

Other problems with this book include the absence of concrete steps to follow toward personal development. The authors do talk about many of the steps that are necessary to achieve personal development, but they don’t provide an outline or set of directions to follow.

The final problem that I found with this book is the length. Because it’s a book, it’s not divided by chapters or sections. The book is longer than many other books I’ve read, but there aren’t many examples and no conclusion.

As with many self improvement books, I feel that a more organized guidebook would have been beneficial for this book. I know that other self development guides are more structured, and perhaps one with a Table of Contents would have been better.

Wrapping Up

Overall, I liked the Personal Development Plan and found that it is a good resource for those looking for information on personal development. It is a well written book that can help you get started in personal development. However, it could use more structure and better examples.

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