Inspirational Quotes About Personal Development

famous quotes about personal growth

“My most famous quote is from a book by Henry David Thoreau,” said Robert Benchley in his book, The Collected Works of Henry David Thoreau (1907). It’s a quote by the American naturalist. I’ve always loved that quote because it reminds me that nature is so full of beauty and wisdom that we are continually surrounded by its influences. It reminds me that we should slow down and look deeply into the simplicity of this natural world. It reminds me that if we can simply open our eyes to its beauty, then we will be able to live more abundantly.

Writing and colorings can also help you in your quest for that abundance. I have a friend who likes to write in a spiral notebook. She puts down some quotes or everyday journaling in the notebook, one about gardening and one about her pet chicken. One of her favorite quotes is by Confucius, who said, “A superior mind is a happy mind.” In addition to having a happy mind, having a garden full of flowers and trees is also a way to attract positive vibes.

Famous Quotes About Personal Growth

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What better way to write a journal than to use quotes. Most people like to quote things that they remember from their childhood or something that someone told them as a child. Some people also choose to quote lyrics from a favorite song. Writing a daily journal with quotes from nature and people around you is a great way to express yourself and get your emotions out to the world around you. The beloved pet that gives you unconditional love and a caring heart may be the perfect place to start when you are deciding how to start your daily journal.

There are several websites that sell inspirational quotes and journaling papers. If you are using Microsoft Word, I recommend that you set up an account with a website that offers a free newsletter. These types of websites are often supported by Microsoft. You can get email support, free book reports, and even downloads for all of the Microsoft Office programs on the website. If you prefer not to download software, you can also purchase PDF files for your journal entries. Once you become a member of a popular newsletter website, it should not be difficult to get a PDF file for your newsletter subscription.

A Much Ado

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It is easy to find inspirational quotes and writing journals on the Internet. However, it can be overwhelming if you try to search for the exact phrase. The phrases most frequently used in inspirational quotes and writing journals are “I can do this” and “I can have this much power.”

These famous quotes, along with other simple writing exercises can be used as the basis for your own personal growth journaling. You don’t have to create your own quotes, but using the famous quotes and journaling will give you encouragement when times are tough or you need a boost to your confidence. Journaling is an important part of having success in the personal growth area. When you are able to think back over your recent accomplishments, it is often easier to find areas where you can make changes and achieve more.

There are many books out there that offer inspirational quotes for personal growth and personal development. A quick search on the Internet and you will find hundreds of books. Some of them may have some famous quotes that could be beneficial to your personal growth. Others will be completely irrelevant and will not help you in any way. Some books are useful because of their publication date. For example, the first issue of Alcoholics Anonymous magazine was published in 1939 and there are many people who still read the magazine today because of its publication date.

Bottom Line

An inspirational quotes journal can be kept in a drawer or desk drawer. It should contain quotes that comfort you at this very moment. If you are having a bad day, write it down. On days when you feel great, read the quotes. You can keep it on your computer if you like, or you can save it to your hard drive and print out the pages whenever you want to. The important thing is to keep it around and read it every day.

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