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Personal growth and development quotes are everywhere, but the fact is that most of them are not that relevant. How many times have you heard your favorite quip or quote, but did not really understand its importance or what it means? Well, personal development and growth are indeed not such a complicated subject matter; it’s self-growth and self improvement. Start working on yourself by finding motivation in set of personal growth and development quotes. You would surely find lots of inspiration there.

The Power Of Quotes 


The power of quotes lies in their simplicity and the fact that they are applicable to anyone irrespective of age, sex, race, background, and so on. Quotes are usually a good source of encouragement for starters as they encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and think for yourself and devise a plan of action towards personal growth and development goals. Read some quotes below and know how they inspire and motivate you.

Personal development quotes are the easiest means to motivate you towards self improvement. They also help you find motivation when the going gets tough. Some people may feel discouraged due to certain circumstances in life, but having such quotes on your side will certainly lift your spirits. So, it’s better if you have these quotes at your finger tips in order to motivate you towards achieving personal growth and development goals. Here are few examples of personal growth and development quotes that will definitely inspire you:

About Mary Meyer


Mary Meyer lived an interesting life, she was an only child and was very close to her mother. She also experienced different kinds of crises throughout her life, which eventually led her to develop her unique philosophy of life. “I am convinced that if we could have only seen her suffering on her knees, we would have had a different view of human existence”. Another quote from her shows her humble roots. “The secret of success is not finding fancy places to hide, but rather living in simplicity”. These two quotes from her are great motivational statements and great personal growth and development quotes to ponder over.

Choose From Books Or Motivational Videos To Inspire You

There are plenty more inspiring personal growth and development quote out there. You should certainly spend some time searching for them. You can choose from books or motivational videos to inspire you. However, these quotes should not be taken literally. Instead of looking at them as the words of a great personality, you should take them with a grain of salt.

Some people are actually too obsessed with quotes and end up copying and pasting quotes from the internet without thinking about their effectiveness. If you have been using quotes for motivation self improvement then it’s high time that you consider having these quotes in your own life. However, you need to keep in mind that they are only helpful when you apply them to your own life. The effectiveness of personal growth and development self improvement quotes will then determine how much impact they have on you.

Final Words

On the other hand, “the greatest wealth a man can create is his own peace of mind” is a genuine quote which will help you to develop a stronger and more peaceful mind. Reading these quotes will encourage you to live a better life. But you must also follow these quotes with action. In addition to that, you should follow the goals that you have set for yourself. If you do this, your personal growth and development will definitely be a success.

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