How To Improve Your Will Power? -5 Best Tips To Boost It


Not every person is filled with bustling energy and confidence. Some are naturally born with this attribute of will power, while others need to work on it to see the results. However, one can get this confidence in oneself with few processes and habits.

Will power is nothing but the right amount of confidence in ones’ ability. A slight increase can cause a person to degrade and a slight decrease from this level can make you stay demotivated. Therefore, by following certain techniques, one can find a balance to achieve this power.

Many of us will note down the important resolutions but do not follow them. For instance, many of us would set alarm to wake up early but stick to our warm beds. This is due to the lack of will power and motivation to get up. This is just a small example and it can be the same reason that stops us from reaching great achievements.

Important Tips To Improve Your Will Power

Checking emails after 5 PM, getting into the habit of exercising at a particular time, eating before 7 PM, and going to bed at 10 PM, and so on are some of the lists we believe to do. But we fail in achieving them due to procrastination and lack of will power.

How To Improve Your Will Power? -5 Best Tips To Boost It
How To Improve Your Will Power? -5 Best Tips To Boost It

The following are the important tips you should follow to get this amazing power and motivation.

1. Scheduling Tasks And Implementation

The tasks whether it is to be completed at the office or home should be planned for efficiency. Firstly, note down all the important ones you need to do for the day and then the least important ones. Secondly, schedule timings from waking up to complete each task. Thirdly, set an alarm to wake up early and start to complete the tasks one by one.

The real trick is getting up without snoozing the alarm. For this, you can place your alarm clock or smartphone a few feet away from your bed. This will help you get up and turn off without striking the snooze button.

2. Improving Will Power Without Getting Distracted

Distraction is an important cause of procrastination of work. For instance, if social media is distracting you from work, set small intentions like no phones till 5 PM. Similarly, you should not do office work or check emails after 6 PM, and so on. This practice for a certain day will shift your mindset and you will get the will power to achieve things as you planned.

3. Taking Care Of Mental Health

Once you are clearer in heads, you will implement your actions without any doubts. Therefore, you should take mindfulness sessions and 10 or 20 minutes meditation before starting work for increasing productivity.

4. Remind Why You Started The Process Of Achieving Will Power

How To Improve Your Will Power? -5 Best Tips To Boost It
How To Improve Your Will Power? -5 Best Tips To Boost It

It is common to get demotivated when you start to follow these processes to achieve willpower. During these times, you can remind yourself why you started by journaling the pros, cons, and things you achieved while you are doing these practices.

5. Take Baby Steps

You will give up when you take drastic efforts and therefore you should take small steps at a time. For instance, if you are not a morning person, set your alarms to 8 AM on the first day, 7.30 AM on the second day, and so on. This gradual step in decreasing the number of hours in bed will make you feel comfortable about the change.