Choosing The Best Personal Growth Books On Audiobook Format

best personal growth books on audible

Choosing the best personal growth books on audible format from a reputable company is very important. An audible book can be one of the most powerful ways to learn about self improvement, personal development and how to take charge of your own life. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when deciding which books are best to help you reach your personal development goals.

Testimonials From Previous Readers

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It should have testimonials from previous readers and a proven track record of success. The most impressive authors with a proven track record will not publish ineffective products just to save money. If you can find an author who has not published a single best-selling personal development book, that author probably knows what they’re talking about! The best audio titles will also offer a comprehensive list of exercises for self-development.

They will have CDs available – and even DVDs for those extra-special situations. Audio books are much more likely to get lost if put into a regular CD player. Some authors have even gotten the idea that CDs or DVDs are simply easier to store and retrieve. That’s why some of the best titles have both audio and video components available. There are also some titles that contain information you cannot get anywhere else.

You Will Learn New Terms

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You will learn new terms – and not always in a boring way. This is especially true for those who prefer to read about personal development and self-improvement in a format that allows them to “just listen.” Some people prefer to hear about the benefits of a healthy diet, while others might prefer the benefits of drinking green tea instead. Each of these books will use relevant jargon unique to the topic at hand. Books written about personal development will not use terms like “thoughts,” “thoughts come to mind” or “your body language tells you” any more than the average nonfiction book. Audio books are usually much more interesting because they are delivered in your own voice, so you can put them in your car and drive to wherever you need to go.

Cheaper Than Printed Counterparts

These books are much cheaper than their printed counterparts. The quality of the book may vary, but even cheap books will be just as good as expensive ones. Sometimes the price is a reflection of how advanced the author is, or how many new concepts or life experiences have been incorporated into the text. For example, if it’s been several years since you last read a book about building muscle, the cost might be significantly less this time around than it would be for a book that was written recently.

 Last Words

Now that you know which type of books are the best personal growth books on audible format, you need to find the ones that suit your personality and lifestyle. There are literally hundreds of titles available. Start by choosing the ones that you think you’ll enjoy the most, and then choose a few of the most recommended, to see how they stack up to one another.

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