Career Development Vs. Self-Development

Career Development Vs. Self-Development

When I first started studying and working with my clients about their careers, I realized that the biggest obstacle to career development for many was simply lack of understanding. There is a common misconception that there is only one way to develop in a career, but that isn’t necessarily true. Many of us believe that because we are employed, we have to develop our careers the same way as those who work for us to do. Unfortunately, the mindset of most of us when it comes to career development has lead to people pushing themselves to their very limits in a career to reach their full potential.

Career Development Is Pushing Yourself Out Of Your Comfort Zone

In other words, career development often comes down to not going beyond what you feel comfortable with. This usually means doing things outside of your comfort zone. It could be the physical aspect of a career such as developing a new skill, or it could be learning a new craft or having a new type of interaction with others.

Career Development Aims At Achieving Success

Career Development Vs. Self-Development
Career Development Vs. Self-Development

The ultimate goal of career development is to help each of us achieve success in a career in a way that best meets our individual goals. Unfortunately, many of us tend to eliminate other options for development, which means we leave ourselves out of the picture.

Most People Are Successful When They Focus On Self-Development

My clients are always more successful when they focus on their self-development rather than their career development. Many of them don’t realize how much they can change in their careers if they are willing to take an extra step. On the other hand, many other clients feel as though they have limited themselves in their careers because they still feel stuck in their jobs.

Although they may feel frustrated with their careers and have yet to break through their obstacles, my clients are more likely to succeed when they begin to work on their career development. They will enjoy the freedom of making decisions on their own time and working on areas that are not part of their job description.

Factors For Self-Development Limit Us

When it comes to self-development, all of us are limited by many factors. Even if you like your job, your stress level, your responsibilities, or whatever reason you think your life is dull, you can change those things by taking a step back and asking yourself if you need them to be fulfilled. If not, find another area of your life that you are interested in pursuing.

You can find real rewards that may even satisfy you in a job you like or a career you are interested in pursuing. For example, if you enjoy being the parent of your children, and you find that this is an area that is difficult for you in your current career, you might consider learning to parent.

Since you don’t need to be a certified teacher to teach kids, you can learn from someone who is qualified. Even if you are interested in doing counseling, you can take classes or read books on the subject and put that knowledge to use. In short, you can change your life by changing your priorities.

Self-Development Focuses On Enhancing Your Talent

By focusing on self-development, rather than career development, you can also get started on developing your talents, skills, and interests. Some of us excel in areas that we would never consider developing in our careers. Learning a new craft, or learning a new skill can give you a sense of fulfillment that comes from achieving something that you love.

Career Development Vs. Self-Development
Career Development Vs. Self-Development

If you genuinely enjoy your career and it seems not to be keeping up with your needs, self-development might be the answer for you. Once you begin to explore new areas of your interests, you will find you can accomplish things in your careers that may have seemed impossible before. You will discover that you are not limited by what you have achieved in your jobs, and you will be able to continue to grow as you complete other areas of your life.

Final Words

The most important thing to remember when thinking about self-development is that everyone’s wants and needs are different. You may be best suited for a career where self-development is required, but you may find that you are best suited for a job where career development is more of a hobby.

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