Books About Personal Growth – A Review

good personal growth books

They are available at bookstores, in libraries, on television, and on the Internet. When choosing a book, however, you should be careful to avoid getting one that is more geared towards relieving your stress than informing you about how to increase your self-love. The fact of the matter is that personal growth must come from within.

Include Meditation

If you find a good personal growth book that focuses on inner peace, you may want to include meditation as part of your to-do list. Studies have shown that meditation can relieve stress and increase happiness. During meditation, the conscious mind clears and the subconscious becomes more aware. People who meditate often have a higher sense of purpose. They have a clear vision of what they want to achieve and they rarely procrastinate because they are fully aware of the immediate rewards for doing this.

If you need an effective road map for personal development, a good book about personal growth would be a good choice. Many people make the mistake of purchasing the first self-help book they see. A good book about personal development should not attempt to teach you how to create a millionaire’s lifestyle or how to get your next big break. Instead, it should focus on helping you become a better you. It should encourage you to look within, to your own self, to determine your true potential.

Teachings About Devotional Practices

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Many good personal growth books also include teachings about daily devotional practices. These practices are designed to increase your compassion and commitment. Your core values, when combined with dedication, can create the strength to overcome whatever obstacles may come up in your path. These core values and daily devotional practices are also helpful in alleviating stress and providing you with a way to clarify and reinforce your beliefs.

One of the most important themes in all self-help and meditation books is self-love. No matter what your current situation is, whether you feel like you have everything under control or are overwhelmed by worry and stress, you must learn to love yourself. By practicing meditation and other daily devotions, you can foster self-love and devote your time and energy to others. Good personal growth books about self-love include Everybody’s Guide to Meditation by Joe Vitale and God’s Coaching by Gary Thomas.


Another theme that runs throughout every great self-help book about self-love is gratitude. If you are in charge of something – whether it is your career or finances – you must constantly be thankful for the things you have. In order to be fully successful, you must first eliminate all negativity from your life. Meditation and daily devotions can foster self-love and a greater sense of gratitude.

Final Words

The best time to read personal growth books is before you go to bed. This is when you are most receptive to ideas and new thoughts. When you are very tired and have nothing meaningful to write about, you will be much more receptive to getting a good night’s sleep. As a result, you will have more energy for the next day. Great personal growth books can help you live a better life.

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