Be Safe From Neuro-Linguistic Programming With These Tips!

Be Safe From Neuro Linguistic Programming With These Tips!

The most prevalent method used to control people’s minds is Neuro Linguistic Programming. Also known as NLP, everyone uses this technique to convince people their way. Be it sales callers or media pundits; almost everyone has picked up traits of this process and it is nastier than you think.

About Neuro Linguistic Programming

Richard Bandler and John Grinder invented NLP in the 1970s. It gained its popularity almost abruptly in the psychoanalytic, occult, advertising and political worlds. NLP is so much intertwined with communication that people can hardly distinguish between the two. But the most frightening part is that this is more of a pernicious, devilish force than just a mere technique. The masters of NLP are completely able of fooling other people as well as themselves.

To understand how Neuro Linguistic Programming works, you need to first know how to use it. Only then you can differentiate between people trying to model you their way and people communicating with you. Note down the following tips to avoid this heinous force being used on you.

Be Safe From Neuro Linguistic Programming With These Tips!
Be Safe From Neuro Linguistic Programming With These Tips!

How To Avoid Neuro Linguistic Programming Being Used On You?

Once you know what NLP is and how it works, you can easily understand how this atrocious deed is done. But for those of you who don’t know the basics, read the following points to mark yourself safe.

1. Notice If People Are Trying To Copy Your Body Language

While talking to somebody if you notice that they are imitating your posture or movements, try to test them. Move your hands or legs and see if they are doing the same. If they do the same, there are chances that they are using NLP on you. New NLPers will be bad at masking this and you can immediately call them out.

2. Move Your Eyes In An Unpredictable Manner To Avoid Neuro Linguistic Programming

A person trying to use NLP on you will be focusing his concentration on your eyes. They do this to build a rapport. In reading your eyes they can learn how you store and access information and even which parts of the brain you use while talking. Learning these will then help them to convince and control you. So, to leave the person clueless, start randomly darting your eyes with no specific pattern. This way he won’t be able to read your eyes or access information.

3. Turn Into A Touch-Me-Not Plant

Well, you do not actually have to become a plant, but don’t let anybody touch you. The person will generally touch you when he is finished with all other processes and wants to establish an anchor. After anchoring you, he can call you up anytime he wishes just by touching you the same way.

Be Safe From Neuro Linguistic Programming With These Tips!
Be Safe From Neuro Linguistic Programming With These Tips!

4. Do Not Agree To Anything At Once

If you feel that agreeing to something will not be the right decision to make, pack your bags and run. Keep that person at a distance especially if it is a financial decision. Trust your impulse and make a rational decision after 24 hours.

5. Trust Your Guts To Be Safe From Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP people seem to be hideous and dodgy when they communicate. If you get the same feeling with anybody, look for the above-mentioned signs and flee the site if you find traces.

Hopefully, these tips will help you be safe from the traps of this black-magic. Just remember, if you ever feel suspicious, it is better to trust your instincts than to trust the person.

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