An Introduction To Natural Language Processing

An Introduction To Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing is the technology that enables computers to understand normal human language. Teaching machines to understand human communication is a hefty affair. But in recent times, there has been an immense breakthrough in aiding computers to understand human language. In this article, you will learn the basics of natural language processing and it’s usage in daily lives.

Deconstructing Natural Language Processing

Also known as NLP, Natural Language Processing is originally a subdivision of man-made(artificial) intelligence. It enables interactions within computers and human with the help of natural language. Also, most of the NLPs depend on machine learning to give out any results.

What Are The Uses Of NLP?

Many common applications use Natural Language Processing for their functioning:

An Introduction To Natural Language Processing
An Introduction To Natural Language Processing
  • Google Translate and other language translating applications
  • Word Processors used to check grammatical errors of texts like Microsoft Word and Grammarly
  • Personal Assistant Applications like Ok Google, Alexa, Siri, and Cortana
  • IVR applications at call centers to respond to user requests

How Does NLP Work?

The performance of NLP is highly based on algorithms. The algorithm extracts the unstructured language and changes it to a form that the computers can understand. Then, the computer runs the converted text on algorithms to understand the meaning.

Sometimes even the application may fail and it gives dubious results. The algorithm fails to convert the language into readable data. This, in turn, leads to wrong processing and unclear results. Also, this is the reason why our Alexa or Siri fails to give proper answers to our questions.

Other Major Uses Of Natural Language Processing

The use of NLP has increased in recent times and various other applications are popping up. Let us take a look into the other place where NLP is used.

  • Although NLP’s basic use is to deconstruct the human voice in a form that is understandable by computers, it can also predict diseases. It does this based on electronic health records and the patient’s speech. This application is also being explored in various fields ranging from cardiovascular diseases to schizophrenia.
  • An IBM employee invented a personal cognitive assistant. This assistant learns everything about you and prompts you things you are unable to remember at the time. It can be a song, a place or even the name of your favorite dish.
An Introduction To Natural Language Processing
An Introduction To Natural Language Processing

MIT uses NLP to identify fake news. The NLP specialists there have invented a system to judge if a source is politically correct and accurate to determine if the source can be trusted.Ever wonder how the spam system in your Google and Yahoo mail inbox works? They pass through NLP servers which read the content of the mail and mark it as spam. Thus, the NLP stops them even before reaching you.

Although NLP is progressing at a fast rate, its future might be threatening. Still, with NLP, we are likely to reach an advanced stage that the world has never seen before.